Baby Room


We call our baby room The Pixies and it is set up to look after babies from 6 weeks old. The pixies room has a large carpet area so babies can roll and crawl and practise their walking skills in comfort. We have a dedicated snuggly sleep area where babies can take their naps how ever you want be that in cots, pushchairs, mats or the swing. We have stimulating, age appropriate toys within the Pixie room and in their own fenced garden area too, so we can carry out exciting and engaging activities indoors or outdoors helping the babies develop all their early essential skills. We have a designated nappy change room off the baby room and a milk prep area so everything we could need is always right at hand.

Our Pixies all get a daily diary to take home with them every day so if you don’t have much time at drop off or collection, or somebody else picks your child up from us, all the information about their day is written down to keep you up to date with everything they have been doing from sleep times, nappy changes, what they ate and what they have been playing with that day.