Day Nursery

The Blue Sky Day Nursery® is open 51 weeks of the year and offers care for children from 6 weeks until they start school. Children have access to a wide variety of toys, games and activities which they have free access to throughout the day. Each child is given the chance to play with really messy activities including painting, junk modelling, play dough, sand and water, because of this it is best to send them in play clothes. The children also have access to construction toys such as mega blocks and k-nex, maths toys such as shape sorters and weighing scales, small world toys and many others. Every day each child is able to take full advantage of our extensive outside play areas where they are encouraged to use the climbing frame, balancing beams and bicycles but also to look at and explore nature in our gardening and mini-beast areas. The staff help the children progress from nappies through potty training and onto using their toilets at the time and pace required by the individual child and parents. We view each child as an important individual and try our best to meet their personal needs, taking guidance from parents about what a child likes and dislikes and what their next steps should be.


At Blue Sky we try to be as flexible as you need us to be in regard to booking sessions. We appreciate many parents do not work Monday to Friday, in 9-5 jobs, so we have altered our services to try to meet those needs that may be more irregular.

We offer term time only sessions where you need not pay retainers if you don’t need childcare during the school holidays. Or totally ad hoc where you can take the childcare you want when you want it! If you want just 1 hour for an appointment or 2 hours to get some shopping done, If you want an afternoon to yourself or for a meeting, if you need a day out with your friends, even if you work shifts,  anything at all, it doesn’t have to be regular, you don’t have to have been before, you don’t even have to come again, although we hope you will!!. We will be as flexible as possible to provide you with the childcare you want!  (as much notice as possible is always appreciated by our admin team but we will do our very best to fit you in when you need us.)

Ofsted graded us GOOD