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At Market Weighton our building is set up with 5 care rooms, each with their own garden, with spaces and areas created to cater to our children. We aim for an environment that has the right tools for independent learning, group lead activity, as well as adult lead activities.

Each room has their own garden to explore and organize as they see fit, while still having access to our larger garden. Our gardens have mud kitchens, sand pits, slides, climbing frames, and even wendy houses. There is also the wild garden where children experience the chance to see nature thriving.

When winter comes around the children have the opportunity to use our soft play are on days where going outside isn’t an option. This means they will always have the opportunity to exercise and explore. We also have puddle suits, giving the opportunity to explore the outside areas in most weathers.

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Becklands Park
York Road
Market Weighton
YO43 3GA

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01430 871113

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Parent satisfaction with our Enviroment

As a parent your main priority is keeping your children safe. I feel that Blue Sky share the same values and I really can’t thank them enough, they have made my girls feel comfortable and safe in very challenging times. The children are monitored and start with a temperature check before entering. There are also other procedures in place, like extra hand washing. My children love coming to Blue Sky and always come out with smiles, this to me speaks volumes on how comfortable they must feel at this fantastic setting. I have always felt that they have kept parents fully updated on any changes, especially through these challenging times. It’s a great big thank you from us and I would not hesitate in recommending Blue Sky.

Joanna P

Its a hard decision choosing to use a nursery and harder still to find one that fits the needs of both child and child. Blue Sky have met and then exceeded what I was looking for. Seeing our daughter laugh, play and learn is fantastic but seeing her comforted and soothed by the team at ‘drop off’ turns those heartbreaking moments into heartwarming ones. There are so many little touches that make this place special but the genuine care shown by every single member of the staff cannot be understated.

Keith R

Leaving my son at Blue Sky Day Nursery is like leaving him with family. Nothing is too much, and as a first-time mum, I really value their feedback, opinions and experiences. My son experiences a whole range of new and fun activities, that he would never get to do at home. The daily diary he comes home with shows what varied meal plans they are given, which gives me ideas for what to feed him. I’ve taken him to nursery when he’s been under the weather, and they have given him extra cuddles and reassured me that he will be fine – which he is. The busy days they offer my son acts as a great distraction!

Elizabeth F

We moved to the area in 2014 and frantically searched for the perfect nursery for our then two year old Freddie (ok chose this one as we can literally see it from our house). I worried that I had made a hasty decision but as soon as we walked in for the visit he felt at home and I felt reassured. He hasn’t wanted to leave since and looks forward to nursery every day. I love that he sees his ‘vouchers’ (no idea why he calls the teachers vouchers) in the street and in town and is so pleased when they say hello to him. He has really come on since joining the nursery and is now a happy well rounded three year old. I don’t think the working mother balancing act/guilt ever goes away completely but it helps no end knowing he is spending his days in such a happy environment and has made some amazing new friends since we moved here as have I, all thanks to Blue Sky!

Carolyn W