Parents In Partnership


What is Parent Partnership?

Parent partnership is the collaboration that occurs between parents and their child’s care workers. This relationship can start from when you first visit the setting with the intention of your child attending.

Care worker and parent collaboration can occur in many ways, and is a key part of a child’s early years development. The cornerstone of this relationship is the communication that occurs between a parent and the child’s key worker.

Some of the key ways that this communication occurs from the care workers are:

  • Daily chats between care workers and parents
  • Follow up calls and emails
  • Parent-Carer meetings
  • Sharing photos and videos that are taken of the child during the day
  • Newsletters, and social media uploads

Key ways that parents can participate in this collaboration is through:

  • Telling care workers of milestones the child achieves outside of the nursery setting
  • Brining up concerns with care workers
  • Be upfront about your child’s development at home
  • Updating care workers on any changes the child’s homelife

Parent partnership is a two-way support system and it is important that both sides are honest and open with each other

Positives of Parent Partnership

Parent partnership has 3 main positive impacts on both a parents confidents and a child’s development.

The building of trust

The key requirement of Parent partnership is to have trust that everyone involved in a child’s development has their best interests in mind. This is created through the communications a care worker and parent have.

Having this trust between them will give the child a sense of safety while in the nursery setting.

Getting Involved

When a working parent uses a nursery they should not feel that they are missing out on their child’s life. Using parent partnership ensures that parents are involved at every stage of development and what they can be doing at home to further them along.

Keeping parents involved is important for children as it strengthens their relationship with their parents at home.

Shared Expectations

A key element of Parent partnership is the shared expectations they may have about the child’s development. Communicating where parent and care worker believe a child is in their development and where they should be heading is essential as it will allow for gaps to be spotted and worked on.


Having shared expectations will create a clear outline of a what a child needs to progress and how that can be achieved.


Our Settings Approach to Parent Partnership

Parent partnership is important to us here at Blue Sky Day Nursery, we see it as a corner stone to every parent-career relationship and therefore essential.


We have multiple points of contacts with parents as a way to promote Parent partnership from our care workers.

At Blue Sky Day Nursery we have many opportunities for Parent partnership including:

  • Daily diaries filled out and sent home
  • A daily chats with parents at pick up
  • Parents evening
  • Share photos via social media or email
  • Jofli Bear

We ask that parents participate in Parent partnership by:

  • Informing us of any pressing issues when dropping off including any changes the child’s homelife that may effect them.
  • Keep care workers up to date on the milestones the child has or is trying to achieve outside of the nursery setting, such as potty training or walking.
  • Brining up concerns about your child with their care workers and listening to the concerns that they bring up to you
  • Be upfront about your child’s development at home, we are not here to judge parents and it is better for the children if areas where they are falling behind are highlighted so care workers can observe them in those areas.