Toddler Room


We have great fun with our two year olds in the Imps room.
After breakfast we have free time to explore the toys and play with our friends, learning social and behavioural skills through play. Developing areas such as sharing and turn taking, enjoying imaginative play and learning about the world around us.
Then its messy time, which is great fun at Blue Sky as the children can make as much mess as they like, exploring with colours and materials painting and gluing fantastic artwork! Using brushes, rollers or fingers everything is a learning experience.
Sharing snack time with their peers is a great opportunity to try different foods and learn about different tastes and sensations with taste, touch and smell. Learning to use knives and forks as their development progresses.
Playing outside in the many garden areas encourages learning development for the children’s self reliance as they learn to dress themselves in their own coats and shoes, having fun in the sand pits and on the large equipment engages the children’s physical development and is a favourite with lots of our toddlers. 
Songs and rhymes are enjoyed by all and while they are fun to join in with and sing a long to, the children are using their concentration skills and memory skills without even realising it’s a learning experience.
There’s no wonder many of the toddlers enjoy a little nap in the afternoons with all this learning and exploring going on.