Your child's health:


Illness and Injury


Have you felt like your child needed Calpol?

Children should not be given Calpol or other pain/ fever reducing medication before attending nursery as this masks symptoms.

Children who require Calpol to cope with a nursery day (except for teething) are not well enough to attend nursery and will be sent home.

If your child is teething and you feel Calpol may be necessary during the day please discuss this with the nursery team and complete a medicine form before leaving them with us. We will initially use alternative methods of alleviating symptoms and Calpol will be a last resort, we retain the right to request a teething child is collected if we feel it is appropriate

Illnesses in the Settings

Blue Sky will exclude a child from attending if they are unwell. this includes but is not limited to:

  • Having a temperature higher than 38 degrees
  • May be suffering or has suffered any contagious disease and there remains a risk that other children at nursery may contract such a disease
  • Is generally considered by the Blue Sky team to be not well enough to attend

We believe that children have a right to play in a happy, healthy and safe environment, so our staff will send home children they believe are unwell. Our team may also call parents with any concerns we have about children’s behaviour; having an off day, being overly emotional with no apparent cause, or for displaying symptoms that could be illness.

We strive to keep our parents informed on occurrences in the nursery that may affect your decision to bring your child into the setting. We display signs at the entrance that will inform of any illnesses that have occurred in the setting recently.

Should it be required the administration of any medication will be documented on a medicine form which you will be required to sign.

Accidents and Injury

The Blue Sky team are first aid trained and Blue Sky reserves the right to administer first aid treatment when necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign their child’s accident form on collection.

For head injuries or bumps Blue Sky staff will call parents to notify them.

For accidents of a more severe nature involving hospital treatment, all attempts will be made to contact parents, failing this a Blue Sky staff member will accompany the child to hospital and remain with them until such time that the parents arrive.

If your child is injured at home we ask that parent inform a staff member at drop off so that a preexisting injury form can be filled out; this will allow staff to be aware that a child has and injury and that they should monitor for any issues that may arise. In the case of a serious injury (broken bones, freshly healed concussion, diagnosis of serious medical conditions etc.) we ask that you call ahead of time and inform the administration team. This will allow them to alert the room staff and give them time to prepare for any accommodations needed to help reduce risks to them and other children.

If your child is sent home ill, they must be off for at least 24 hours subject to the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease/ illness the child has. Should you be unsure about whether your child is okay to come in, after being sent home or after a doctor’s visit, please contact our management team.

Exclusion for common diseases and illness’ that occur in nursery settings

Antibiotics or other prescription medicines

First 24 hours at home

Cold sores

No exclusion

Flu (influenza) or influenza like illness

Until recovered 


At least 7 days from appearance of the rash

Slapped Cheek

No exclusion required if child is fit and well with no temperature


If prescribed antibiotics first 24 hours at home or until well enough to return and with no high temperature.

Athlete’s foot

No exclusion


24 hours after the start of treatment.

Hand, Foot and Mouth

Can return to setting once recovered and feeling better with no high temperature

Respiratory infections (Including COVID-19)

Individuals should not attend if they have a high temperature and are unwell.


If sent home ill, child must be off for 24 hours


48 hours from the last bout of sickness experienced


At least 5 days from the onset of the rash or longer until the spots dried up


48 hours from the last bout of diarrhoea experienced


Until appropriate treatment has been given


At least 7 days from appearance of the rash

Ringworm of body/Threadworm

Seldom necessary to exclude provided treatment is being given

Plantar warts

No exclusion. Should be treated and covered

We have additional policies for rarer illnesses please see the handbook or ask at the office.