Our Team

The Blue Sky team is all dedicated childcare professionals who bring a wide range of skills and experience to the nursery. Every staff member loves children and finds fulfilment from playing with them and helping them learn and develop in a loving environment. The Daily operation is overseen by the Nursery Manager, Sarah Ayres, who has a wide range of childcare experience. In her absence our Gerry our Imps room supervisor deputises.

Each of our five rooms has a Supervisor, an experienced childcare worker who supervises their team and ensures the children have a varied range of experiences. Each room also has a dedicated team of qualified Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants who work with the children. Every child at Blue Sky has their own Key-worker, a team member who makes the care of their key children the centre of their day ensuring they have activities they enjoy and also meeting their personal needs.

Ofsted graded us GOOD

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Our Menu

At Blue Sky meal times are social occasions where the children and staff sit together to eat and talk. All meals are freshly prepared each day by our nursery cook and we aim to provide a healthy balanced diet with strong emphasis on fruit and vegetables. During the day we offer the following meals:

  • Breakfast- 8:00 – 8:30.
  • Morning snack.
  • Lunch – 11:45.
  • Afternoon tea – 4:00

Children have free access to water throughout the day and are offered milk as an alternative at each meal.

We have seasonal menus which operate on a five weekly rotation. An example of a weekly menu is as follows:
Menu Timetable

Our Kitchen

Angie is our lovely cook who comes in every day to prepare fresh home from home meals. Angie is food and hygiene qualified to level 3 and has other qualifications and lots of experience in allergies and food intolerances and dietary requirements.

She has catered for vegetarians, celiac, Wheat free, dairy free and of course the whole nursery is and always has been nut free!

Care and Education

At Blue Sky we follow the national curriculum for learning and development, this is called The Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS is a method for interacting with the children whilst watching them play in order to develop an understanding of what the children enjoy playing with, can do and might like to learn next. This information is then used to come up with exciting ideas for activities the children can take part in to move onto the next step of their learning journey.

At Blue Sky we take lots of photos of the children which can go onto our facebook page, permissions allowing, so if you have a free five minutes you can browse our page and catch up with what activities your child may be involved in. We also use these photographs to track your child’s progress and development and helping us to determine their ‘next steps’.

Equal Opportunities

Here at Blue Sky we believe every child should be treated as an individual and have no hesitation in welcoming children from any walk of life into our ‘family’.

We have a team that we believe is second to none, who possess a wide range of  qualifications and experiences in supporting children with special needs, whether those needs are educational, behavioural or dietary.

We have had many children who didn’t speak English as a first language, who had physical disabilities or who needed support with their development in a particular area, whom we have watched blossom into happy, self- confident young people during their time with us.

We are always more than happy to work alongside parents and other outside agencies in order to put the individual child’s needs first.

We have worked closely with agencies such as Banardos, Portage and the Children’s Center and always welcome any help or advice we can get from other professionals.